We Found The 4 Best Node.js Web hosting Choices

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​Currently in the predicament of choosing the best web hosting for your shiny new Node.js app? We'll try to help you out!

Javascript has long had a reputation as one of the most easy to understand coding options. Node.js is an open-source platform for JavaScript that makes it simple to build great web applications.

This open source runtime system was created in 2009 by Ryan Dahl. This system is used primarily for creating server-side applications. Even with that said, this is a powerful way for Javascript coders to build real time APIs as well as build a new matrix of interoperability.

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Node.js is basically a stripped down, customizable server engine, some call it a proto-server. It ships with powerful connectors and libraries such as HTTP, SSL, filesystem access, UDP.JavaScript, TCP and compression.

When all is said and done, you will see that this is a runtime system that makes it simple to build event-driven application servers.

Here are some things you should know about Node.js:

JavaScript is everywhere and it’s the only choice for those who want to develop applications in the browser. There are constantly new frameworks introduced and now with Node.js Javascript has spilled over to the server side of things.


It is important to understand that JavaScript has the internal capacity to handle any event loop mechanism in a simple way. It is far simpler, and leads to less mistakes than you would run into if you were to use Python’s Twisted or Ruby’s EventMachine.


Node.js makes it easy to, and in fact encourages, people to share their work. It could not be easier to share packages of library code and many people do in fact take advantage of this, as they should.

Node.js comes with The Node Package Manager and this has grown into a repository of almost 50,000 packages. That means that any problem you run across has probably already been solved by someone else. This simplifies your work exponentially.

Node.js philosphy

Their philosophy is simple. Any author can publish under an unused module name in the shared public repository. It is recommended that you share code under the MIT open source license. This is great because it means cross-pollination of code is simple, with no worries about lawyers.

Node Package Manager

The node package manager is at the heart of most deployment systems for Node.js. It underlies many platform-as-a-service (PaaS) providers which makes it simple to move small applications between different providers.


When it comes to production usage nothing is better instrumented than Node.js. It has the tools you need to bring an application to life in all ways.

Now that you know a little more about this system, it is time to take a look at the Node.js web hosting services that are available to you. We have covered some of the most popular options out there.

The best free Node.js web hosting services:

In this section of the article, we will cover our 4 favorite Node.js hosting options.


Advantages: The advantages of Heroku are that this host allows support for deployment across multiple regions including the United States and Europe, allows users to manage environment-specific configurations, and offers excellent build packs which are collections of scripts specific to the language or framework that developers use for compiling applications.

Limitations: Some of the limitations of free hosting for Heroku include 12 MB of RAM, 1 CPU, up to 10,000 rows on database, and four hours per month of downtime each month.

Opinion. For an individual who is trying out Node.js hosting as a hobby, Heroku could be a great idea. If an individual requires a higher end host, however, Heroku will likely not suffice.

Microsoft Azure

Advantages: Azure lets developers manage user accounts and synchronize them with any of their on-premise directories, allows users to launch Windows and Linux server virtual machines within minutes, and provides managed SQL and NoSQL data services.

Limitations: Microsoft Azure’s former limitation was that Azure required use of just Microsoft devices. The program’s current limitations include 1 GB of RAM. It is difficult to list any limits for Azure free because developers receive a credit of $200 for all Azure for the trial period.

Opinion: Azure is not the top in terms of capacity, but the $200 credit provide for any service during the trial period of Azure is attractive.

Xervo (Formorly Modulus)

Advantages: Xervo is a premier Node.js hosting program that provides unlimited storage that is directly mounted to a developer’s file system, extensive scaling capabilities that can take into consideration period of high traffic, and strong tracking abilities that create detailed statistics.

Limitations: The exact limitations for the free trial period of Modulus are uncertain but users receive a $15 free credit that can be used for the initial thirty day trial period.

Opinion: Xervo was developed with Node.js in mind and the $15 is attractive, but Xervo may not work well for all languages and users in all countries.

RedHat OpenShift

Advantages: Openshift extends support for code building and allow developers to use a software version control solution to push code that needs to be implemented on the Openshift Platform. Developers are also granted access to built-in private databases.

Limitations: Individuals can only host three Node.js applications for free with RedHat.

Opinion: Many developers cite RedHat OpenShift as the best Node.js hosting site because Openshift offers free Node.js hosting to users forever. Individuals are allowed to take as much time they would like to check out all of OpenShift’s features.

Special note should also be made of Nodejitsu, which has been a very significant contributor to the Node.js community since 2009. Recently, Nodejitsu offered transition to Modulus which happened when Nodejitsu joined GoDaddy.

Some of the other available Node.js hosting services include Amazon Web Services, CloudFoundry.com, Joyent, and Engine Yard.

One of the best pieces of advice regarding Node.s hosting is to start with a reliable and inexpensive host. Once an individual feels like they understand the exact qualities of Node.js hosting then it is a good idea to select to a web host.

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