Best Django Hosting Options For Your Website: Recommended Choices

by Doug

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Web development has advanced at a rapid pace as time goes on. Long gone are the days when websites were hosted on sluggish servers, powered by age-old dial up connections. The open-source market has grown exponentially, and has given birth to both offline and online services, like Django.

Django, (pronounced just like Django Unchained!) is an open source framework for web development, written from scratch in Python. Think of the framework as something that cuts development time by providing you with generic, tested functions and components.

From handling user authentication to keeping tabs on hits, Django can help you create and maintain content in no time. Here are some of the best Django hosting options.



Our #1 recommendation

A2 Hosting provides state of the art SwiftServers that handle the number one problem that concerns every website owner/developer: performance. The Django hosting framework provided by A2 hosting can lower the site’s conversion rate and transform its access speed in no time.

A2 hosting also has a grade A track record when it comes to reliability, and their servers seldom go down and is up on a frequent basis. An array of customer service agents is always there to solve any impending problems, which is why investment in A2 Hosting isn’t a bad idea at all.

Once you create an account on A2 Hosting, you get access to a number of prebuilt developing tools to help you speed up the developing process. The company currently offers the following:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Python

And the ability to manage your website through the A2 Quick Installer on their virtual servers.



WebFaction in a single word, is “neat”. The hosting service has long been known for providing stable, sustainable services to its customers. For starters, WebFaction provides the complete web hosting experience from building the website up to maintaining it and spotting errors.

They support a comprehensive email system that makes sure your website has all the proper facilities to keep the users happy. Coming towards Django Hosting, like many other hosting options, e.g. PHP frameworks, Rails, etc. WebFaction has an elaborate scheme in place to guide newcomers in the Django Hosting field.

One of the best things about WebFaction is its helpful documentation that teaches even a dummy everything there is to know about website development. The Django page alone is enough to get the user up and running with the basic settings, from creating a website to installing applications and handling PostgreSQL databases.



Just as the name of the hosting service sounds a bit unique, the concepts brought forward by Gondor are unique as well. Gondor treats every project separately and splits a website into instances for better understanding. The instance analogy allows users to focus on each and every stage separately, e.g. production, staging and dev.

Gondor lets you host and take control of your site, with almost every possible tool at your disposal. It also makes use of the Django framework to minimize project deployment times. The documentation is very much complete and enough to guide a first timer through thick and thin. Even if you’re someone who has a website on an another framework, you can make use of several “Migrations” technique to move over to Django.



Stackable is the result of hundreds of sleepless nights, led by Xmissions’s elite R&D team. Their vision of adding a premium web hosting service to Xmission’s list of accomplishments gave them fuel to come with something brilliant.

Conventionally, web hosting services have cheap yet stating packages. With the passage of time, the need for dynamic content increased and so did web hosting companies’ effort to quench this gaping hole.

Stackable has integrated frameworks like Django within its systems to tackle all existing problems and give its’ users a blazing fast, reliable experience. The web hosting service offers complete scalability, offers a fair billing method and most importantly provides extensive testing tools before the site goes live.

In addition, Stackable developers have come up with excellent load balancing techniques that allows clients to handle their visitor hits without surpassing hosting budgets.

All these are built-in and requires no external hassle whatsoever.

As Django hosting framework takes over the world, developers often tend to look towards area specific servers. For people looking for Django hosting in Europe, provides a great choice and packs a punch as well.

With servers located in Germany, the hosting company brings down any unreliability or unpredictability factor by leaps & bounds.

The hosting service offers one click solution to all problems, starting from the Django Installer.

All you need to do is enter a project & domain name, and you’ll have started building your website. The entire web interface has been written on top of Python, i.e. Django and contains countless tools & utilities to help you with development on the way.

In addition to a safe & secure hosting location, you’ll also get a Debian Linux Shell Account and access to’s Email and Database technologies.



Heroku is a truly cloud platform built on top of a managed contained system. The web hosting service offers the Django framework as one of its most prized setups and follows a powerful ecosystem.

All you need to do is fill in a few prerequisites, and your website will be ready for development. With extensive number of tools and applications, you won’t have to worry about writing stuff from scratch at all.

Heroku gives its users the ability to directly deploy from project centric websites like GitHub or CI systems making the entire process of building, development and maintenance as smooth as possible.



BitNami is a highly sophisticated, error proof and most importantly automated tool chain that lets web developers host their websites with extreme ease. The BitName platform is packed with thousands of packages that allow for easy development no matter what framework you choose.

Considering the Django Framework in particular, BitNami has services that can get you up and running in minutes, be it building something from scratch or importing from another location. The entire framework is leak proof and is tested not to crack under any conditions.

BitNami’s signature DjangoStack cuts the entire process of development by offering one-click applications including PostgreSQL, Apache, MySQL, SQLite, etc.

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