10 Must-Have Evernote Add-Ons For Organization Freaks

by Doug

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Evernote is a computer application developed by Evernote Corporation that helps you organize your modern-day complex life. Evernote is a cloud-based ‘notebook’ that facilitates project creation, to-do-lists, helps you click and save a sketch, make notes and more.

Evernote works and syncs across various platforms and devices and is a like a one-stop-shop for all your organizational needs. It is like carrying a large notepad around with you wherever you go so that you have make and save notes. Believe me this app can be quite addictive.

Add-ons enhance the value and usefulness of the Evernote app. These add-ons improve your capability to move data within and into your notes on Evernote. In this article, I have listed 10 must-have add-ons that work brilliantly with Evernote.




Designed for Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod devices, Skitch allows you to snap up any idea, mark it up and share it too. Skitch lets you take screenshots either in full or partly and even gives you the option to edit these images using inbuilt icons and quick notes.

The annotation feature of Skitch is really convenient for highlighting and sharing ideas easily. This easy-to-use app offers refreshing graphics and text quality and is a definite must-have in your Evernote add-on list.

Just keep in mind that Skitch was discontinued for Windows and android users.


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The Zapier add-on enables you to connect all your Web apps to Evernote giving you the amazing option of automating some really tedious jobs/tasks.

Zapier lets you create customized software apps on your own without the help from any snazzy and not to mention expensive third-party app developer. It easily allows you to make your own software that matches your needs perfectly.

Using Actions and Triggers, Zapier allows you to combine the power of two or more of your apps. For example, Zapier lets you save all your attachments received vide Gmail onto your Dropbox space automatically.

It can combine Slack and Twitter apps such that new updates from a pre-designated tweet list can be shared on Slack.

More such wonderful concatenations between apps help you automate everyday tedious tasks easily and without fuss through the Zapier Add-on.


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Web Clipper

How many times have you made notes and forgotten when you have left/saved them? Web Clipper will mark your notes so that you can easily retrieve them as and when you need.

Web Clipper helps with the following:

  • Clips and saves web articles/sites/data, travel confirmations etc on Evernote retrievable later from any synced device
  • Lets you share data while also allowing you to highlight important sections, add texts and/or visual call outs
  • Helps to collect and curate data from the web


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SaneBox is designed to work like a smart assistant for your mailbox. It is engineered to sort out important and non-important mails allowing you the luxury of bulk-responding to a large number of emails.

It saves unimportant mails in a separately designated inbox and gives you a summary too. It is believed that SaneBox users are saving over 12 hours a month.

This app works with any email service provider and delivers features that are over and above the standard ones offered by the provider. Some more features of SaneBox include:

  • SaneReminders – triggers a reminder in case a critical response is pending
  • SaneBlackHole – automatically un-subscribes from annoying marketing mails
  • SaneAttachments – allows to auto-save mail attachments onto Evernote or other cloud storages
  • SaneSnooze – allows you to snooze mails that can be looked into later

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Digi.me helps you collate friends, posts and pictures from all your social media platforms and save them in one platform. Allowing you to curate your best times on social media networks, Digi.me collates scattered information and saves them in one easily accessible platform.

This app uses a powerful search engine to organize your data and a smart calendar to create beautiful and unforgettable memories. It is like creating a whole new all-encompassing social personality for you.


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Taco is an app designed to prioritize Evernote notes and tasks along with jobs from over 30 services such as Basecamp, Asana, Gmail, GitHub, RSS, OmniFocus, Zendesk, and Trello.

Giving you the power to oversee all your tasks across the various service providers, Taco allows you to have a bird’s eye view of all your activities; important and unimportant.

This helps you allot time and resources accordingly to the tasks at hand and prioritize prudently leaving you better organized and more at peace.

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CoSchedule is a powerful app that allows you to manage your marketing requirements through Evernote. Some of the features of CoSchedule include:

  • Converting your Evernote notes and ideas into content and blog posts on to WordPress
  • Helping you and your team to create white papers, graphics, videos and more
  • Organizing all Evernote content into a marketing calendar integrating all other tools such as Google Calendar, Bit.ly, Google Docs, Buffer, Google Analytics, and your social networks too


Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 4.43.15 PM


The eHighlighter app lets you to create and save retrievable excerpts from paper books, magazines and journals.

The OCR technology of the eHighlighter employs the iPhone camera to record digital notes and then these notes can be accessed either on your phone or any other Web-enabled device.

This app sorts and searches the highlights by keywords and/or tags and also allows you to share data by exporting to Dropbox, Evernote and emails.


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LinkedIn Connected

This smart, easy-to-use app empowers you to strengthen and enhance your professional profile and relationships.

Better professional relationships are critical to your growth prospects as opportunities come from people who already know you well and being connected and remaining relevant improves your chances at getting better offers. A must-have add-on indeed!

Screenshot (9)


PDFpen with its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology allows you to convert PDF texts into words that can be proofread and edited.

This allows you to export PDF files to .docx and .doc formats for sharing and editing via Microsoft Word. Moreover, these files can be saved in the cloud storage apps such as Dropbox and iCloud Drive.


Final Notes

While Evernote by itself is a great organizing and idea/content storing app, the add-ons listed above enhance the operational efficiency of the app giving a more rounded profile for both professional and personal use.

So which of these add-ons suit your needs?

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