Best Mechanical Pencil for Writing: Our Top 5 Picks

by Doug

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A pencil may have been the first object to bring about revolution across academia and the literate world.

The very first pencils were made out of pieces of graphite put in holders. With the passage of time, the design became more ergonomic & neat and with new ideas of mechanical motion entering the market, developers became interested with giving pencils a whole new dimension.

Modern thin-lead mechanical pencils first entered the market after the science of lead composition was mastered in Japan.

Ordinary lead is a mixture of graphite and clay but mechanical pencils are too brittle for even 0.5mm and even 0.9mm can snap way too easily. Mechanical pencils have all kinds of advantages when put face to face with wooden pencils with the biggest one being no need to sharpen them.

The lead is so thin that you’ll never find the need to thin it yourself. In addition, you’ll find composure & balance with a mechanical pencil. Several artists have already moved to mechanical pencils for its balance and consistent line width.

Lastly, you’ll be able to refill your mechanical pencil, something that’s not entirely possible with a normal pencil so you can wait for the investment to actually pay you off in case you’re an artist!



Pentel Graph Gear 1000

Price: $10.50

The Pentel Graph Gear 1000 is one of the big players in the market and can give you top notch results. Its features include:

– Chiseled metallic grip inlaid with latex-free pads,

– Dual-action retractor lets you control the grip,

– Superior drafting pencil for technical writing,

– Refillable using Pentel super hi-polymer lead

The grip section is up first since it is one of the most important part of any pencil. In this pencil, it’s a fine diamond cut surface that comes with little rubber inserts.

It has been designed excellently and can make holding the pen a lot easier and non-stressful.

The pencil itself is a vanishing point type pencil and pushing the top ratchet will make the lead advance.

Further pushes will advance the lead like a normal push top pencil while you can use the document clip to retract the tip for later use.

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Uni-ball KuruToga Mechanical Pencil Starter Set

Price: $4.17

The Uni-ball KuruToga is cost-efficient mechanical pencil with features including:

– One of the most advanced internal design ever,

– Patented rotating mechanism for continuous sharp point,

– Reduced dull spots on the lead making the writing clearer & precise,

– Diamond infused lead resists breakage,

– Comes with eraser refills,

The mechanical pencil features a top of the line rotating mechanism that makes it one of the best in the market.

The mechanism makes the lead resistant to breakage and maintains a continuous sharp point in real time.

In a regular mechanical pencil, the lead becomes dull after a few uses however with this one, the dark line will be as sharp as it was when you started using it.

In addition, the pencil contains uni-ball’s exclusive diamond infused lead which will only improve your writing experience and create dark, vivid lines every time you start writing!

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Uni mechanical

Uni Mechanical Pencil Kurutoga Roulette Model

Price: $8.99

One of the cheapest mechanical pencils out there, this model is one of the most reliable and not to mention eye-catching one in the market.

Not just that, this mechanical pencil comes with the same groundbreaking design that lets you use the pencil without the tip getting thicker.

A regular mechanical pencil can only be used so many times before the lead wears down on one side.

But the KuruToga eliminates this problem for you using a lead rotation system for smoother writing & drawing.

The entire design & fabrication is Japanese so you need not worry about the quality you’re getting because once you’ve used one of these, you won’t ever think of going back to another one let alone a normal lead pencil.

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Pentel GraphGear 500

Pentel GraphGear 500 Automatic Drafting Pencil

Price: $4.89

Belonging to the Pentel GraphGear series, the 500 is another great mechanical pencil with the same metallic mesh grip and 4mm fixed sleeve that most consumers look out for.

Available in 4 different tip sizes ranging from 0.3mm – 0.9mm and 4 different barrel colors, this may be the most customizable pencil you find on the market.

The GraphGear 500 has been designed especially so that it only weighs down on your fingertips for precise template work. The metallic mesh grip on a slim barrel will give you the utmost control while writing whereas the 4mm tip makes this ideal for work with both rulers & template.

Like all other mechanical pencils out there, this one comes preloaded with HB lead, which you can refill once you’re out.

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Paper Mate Sharpwriter 0.7mm Mechanical Pencils

Price: $5.83

Another great mechanical pencil, the Sharpwriter has the following features:

– Cushion points to adjust writing pressure,

– Twist to advance mechanism,

– Shock absorbing tip yields to writing pressure,

– Plastic pocket clip for keeping it handy,

This is a pack of 12 great mechanical pencils and is one of the cheapest and most useful one you’ll ever point. With features like those listed above, it’s very rare you find such a price tag.

If you’re a writer, journalist or artist of any kind and stepping out in the real world, I would really recommend you these pencils since they’re not too expensive and bring extra-ordinary finesse in any work.

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Once read, you will understand that pencil is not just a pencil and any task that requires great clarity & detail should get the adequate material attention.

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