Top 10 Best Fonts for Advertising: We Go Over Our Top Choices

by Doug

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While great products and services are the core competencies of any business, an effective marketing strategy is critical to grow and establish your business.

Marketing and advertising plays a very important role in garnering the attention of potential customers.

Advertising enables customers to gather information about the various brands available in the market and this helps them make choices as per their needs.

Since advertising is such a crucial part, businesses cannot afford to slip up in this department.

Marketing and advertising is almost a daily battle in the life of any business to gather and sustain customer interest in order to gain access to their wallet share.

In any marketing outlet such as brochures and websites, while content, color, artistic impressions and other aspects are essential elements, you cannot undermine the importance of using the correct font to showcase the content.

A great choice of font can strengthen your brand while a bad one can hamper business potential quite significantly. Sometimes choice of fonts are quite straightforward whereas sometimes you might have to invest some thought process before making the right font choice.

This article gives you the top 10 best fonts for advertising.


Balck Diamond

Black Diamond

Gutsy, raw and full of attitude, Black Diamond is a hand-painted font design with added emphasis on dry textures and quick strokes.

Guaranteed to deliver an effect of pride and carefree attitude, this font is great for multiple purposes including merchandise, product packaging, handwritten quotes, logos, greeting cards and social media.

Consisting of a single font file, Black Diamond features an entire set of upper and lower case letters, numerals, multiple punctuation marks, and support for other languages too.

The font comes with multiple stylistic alternates and ligatures suitable for open-type software such as Illustrator and Photoshop.




Highly contemporary in style, this font offers cutting-edge display and can be a real clincher for fashion-related artworks.

The contemporariness of the design does not take away anything in terms of durability and timelessness. Authentica offers an “oomph” attitude of casualness and elegance with the perfect blend of modernity.




A hand-crafted script, Snatchy promises to deliver fun with a natural and personal touch. The irregular baseline combined with a dynamic shape makes this script very eye-catching.

Suitable for both modern and vintage styles, Snatchy can be employed in watercolor based projects, T-shirts, branding and more.


Veneer Clean

Veneer Clean

Designed under the Veneer letterpress typeset umbrella, this non-distressed version includes soft, round and regular options, italics and comes with some funky icons for free.

Veneer Clean fonts are ideally suited for branding designs for that unambiguous clear profile.



Seren Script

A retro script font design containing over 430 glyphs, the Seren Script has Open Type features allowing you to create and customize your own designs from a huge collection of font styles.

The Open Type features can also be used to replace Seren glyphs of the Seren Script package. Additionally, the glyph pallet allows you to create your own topography .


Have Heart

Have Heart

The set of 2 handmade marker pen fonts that is inclusive in the Have Heart package allows you create perfect hand lettering effectively and quickly.

A bonus set of 12 swashes lets you give that superb finish to your letters and fonts.



Eveleth is a high-resolution premium letterpress set that delivers amazing vintage charm and great realism.

The package comes with 3 sub-families each of which feature 6 distress options for each character giving you an amazing number of options to customize and create.


Letterpress Collection

The Letterpress Collection consists of 7 font designs in 28 varying styles giving you a great number of choices for your creation and customization.

The 28 different styles come in print & stencil and regular & Italic versions and 5 of them are Caps fonts hence offering a large variety of choices.




Frontage designs remind you of old-fashioned shop signs, theatre hoardings and hand-painted signs.

You have the option of creating designs with lights, or create 3D effects. A charming font design palette, Frontage offers you endless design options giving you the flexibility to combine different fonts and designs.



Karlsen Round

Karlsen Round is a structured font design that allows you to create harmonious, flowing designs with a cheeky twist.

This set comprises of 14 designs ranging from a delicate thin to a substantial extra-bold. Each design gives you amazing versatility for various uses and applications.


Final Notes

Fonts have the power of creating a viewer experience of your brand for the onlooker/potential customer. It can change the way the content that is presented is perceived.

Creating an experience starts with simplicity and choosing a font style that does not overwhelm the content is critical in this journey.

A good balance of font design and content will create the almost-perfect user experience in the mind of your potential customer.

It is important to use fonts that are readable and legible. The design ought not to distract the reader/customer from the content but should add value to the presentation.

Using “Display typefaces” (that are meant to stand out and ideal for titles etc) for the textual matter will completely put off customers from reading your content whereas using a very simplistic design for a heading will not catch the readers’ attention.

Hence, paying attention to choosing the right font is critical to make your advertising and marketing campaign a commercial success.

I have used my personal experiences to create this article and present my views. I certainly hope my suggestions/ideas work for you too.

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