[Top 10] What Are The Best Premium Fonts for Graphic Designers?

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Font selection is an important aspect of graphic design.

Choosing the right font can make or break your design’s element of persuasion. Choosing a font seems to be a deceptively simple task but can be quite onerous indeed.

Choosing a font seems to be a deceptively simple task but can be quite onerous indeed.

Sometimes font styles can be very obvious choices. For example, a construction company would look strange if the fonts used reflected that of a master calligrapher. Similarly, a wedding planner will not use boxy fonts as the message conveyed to the reader will be skewed.

In an effort to help you get the right fonts for your designs, this article gives you the top 10 premium fonts for graphic designers.



Authentica offers a great deal in font styling delivering cutting edge displays that are both trendy and purposeful. The fashion-friendly fonts are timeless too enhancing the durability and longevity of your designs.

With a contemporary feel denoting elegance and a casual approach, Authentica is suitable for a variety of styles including retro, vintage, minimalist, formal and more.

Open Type features such as Stylistic Alternates, Contextual Alternates, Stylistic Sets and Ligature enables you to mix and match making Authentica highly customizable to suit all your requirements.

The Open Type features are accessible via Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator.

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neo deco

Neo Deco:

Neo Deco has been designed such that the lower case characters are uppercase alternates. It comes with 300dpi high format EPS set to be used for printing purposes.

Neo Deco, designed by the Spanish freelance graphic designer Alex Trochut, supports other international languages including Dutch, Albanian, Irish, Estonian, Spanish and Malagasy.

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Turismo-CF takes inspiration from midcentury businesses, technologies and motorsports. These fonts are designed to offer gripping headlines and stunning logotypes.

With designs from the 1920s and the 1960s, Turismo-CF is a perfect combination of elongated sloping curves and boxy rectangular shapes.

Turismo-CF includes seven weights and lower and upper cases, Cyrillic and Latin alphabets, and serified ‘I’ glyphs giving you ample designs to choose from and customize your designs to match your needs.

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Combining thick and thin curves, Yorkshire fonts have been designed using both brush and pen. These fonts have been drawn on paper, scanned and then vectorized onto the screen.

Retaining the seeming imperfections and the texture that was obtained while drawing on paper adds a touch of authenticity to the Yorkshire font styles.

These font styles are ideally suited for using on apparel, wedding invites, logs, labels, scrapbooking and more.

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Emboldened with geometric designs, Odudo has a boxy non-rounded profile and is inspired by timeless geometric font styles like ITC Avant Garde and Futura.

The Odudo styles are clean, simple, and contemporary. Recommended for multipurpose designs including quotations, headings, and displays, Odudo font styles deliver a modernistic profile to your designs.

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Belonging to the family of geometric styles, Venti delivers readable characters that exude warmth. Its engaging form is both versatile and inviting and the almost imperceptible imperfections add a touch of human fallibility to your designs.

Venti is highly suitable for short texts, headlines and quotations and is also ideal for both printing and virtual screens. The Open Type features included are small caps, ligatures, fractions and oldstyle figures.

Venti supports Ukrainian and Russian Cyrillic alphabets and other European languages too.

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have heart

Have Heart:

Have Heart includes two handmade marker pen font designs that combine beautifully giving you the capability to create some amazing hand-lettering styles quickly and easily.

Have Heart comes with a free set of swashes giving you the power to add that superb touch of finesse to your final work.

Have Heart includes lower and upper cases, punctuation glyphs and numerals. Moreover, it is designed to support international languages too.

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The smoothness, boldness and playfulness reflected in Adelia are unique features and are inspired by brush lettering and sign painting.

Adelia offers 108 alternate characters giving you a world of flexibility and versatility to create your own designs or mix and match designs to suit your needs.

The alternative characters are categorized into various Open Type features like Contextual alternates, ligatures, stylistic sets and stylistic alternates, all accessible via Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator.

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against typeface

Againts Typeface:

Designed for the graffiti culture, street attitude and alternative music mania, Againts typeface is rugged and exudes an edge spray paint vibe.

The fonts are designed to deliver that underground graffiti feel. Combining this font styling with a simple skull design is bound to deliver your message loud and clear.

Againts typeface was inspired by manual hand-drawn brush strokes and tints to get the messy yet extremely natural look in your message.

Alternate glyphs in a few character types will help add some style too into your designs. Added Ligature could get you a great display and can be used in displays, labeling, appareling printing, film titles and more.

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Designed by Greg Thompson, Agenda comes under the URW++ umbrella of styles and fonts. Supporting multiple international languages including but not limited to Albanian, Basque, Estonian, Danish, Hungarian and more, Agenda offers a retro 1970s profile

Various buying options are available for the above listed premium fonts including the following:

  • Desktop – options can be licensed for Mac/Windows systems and can be used in desktop apps such as Word, Photoshop etc
  • WebFont – this option lets you self-host the fonts on to a single website for web browser displays
  • ePub – this option lets you embed the fonts into one electronic publication title such as an eNewspaper, eMagazine, or an eBook
  • Mobile App – this option embeds the fonts onto a single application title like Android Mobile App or iOS

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Final Notes

As you put your mind to work thinking of which font to use for your next project, do remember to browse through my favorite 10 that I have listed above and let me know which of them suited you the best.

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