Best Fonts For Numbers? Here are our favorite typefaces

by Doug

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Font type, a seemingly inconspicuous element of designing and branding, has the power to make or break your branding and designing efforts.

Innocuous though it may seem, fonts can take your branding scheme a few notches up or bring it crashing down. Fonts are usually looked upon as hygiene factors of designing; things that will not be noticed if done correctly but will look completely incongruous if done wrongly.

Moreover, choice of fonts is dependent on many factors including the type of content, the target audience, the characters/alphabets and more. Fonts for numbers need to be chosen appropriately too.

This article gives you some of the best fonts available for numbers.



Fresh Scripts

Radiating forth largeness, liveliness, and a free attitude, Fresh Script with a load of swashes and elaborate curls, cuts no corners in helping you create beautiful designs.

With an American vibe clearly defined throughout the font style, Fresh Script is highly suitable for smart branding ideas.

These fonts are handcrafted to help you create stunning customized hand lettering designs for your brands.

Supporting many international languages, Fresh Script includes lowercase and uppercase characters, numerals and punctuations.

Lowercase alphabets come with stylistic alternatives too which are accessible via Illustrator Glyphs panel, and Adobe.




Eveleth is a premium letterpress design that seamlessly combines vintage charm and excellent realism. With three different sub-sects under its umbrella, each of which has six distress options per character, Eveleth is like an undiminishing ocean of choices giving you immense flexibility for customizations.

Bonus spurs are included for a “retro” design feel. Eveleth also includes a funky set of icons, a shadow layer, a free Thin weight, and a set of highly articulate emblems and symbols all in non-distressed clean versions.

Eveleth package comes with character maps for Shapes plus and the Icons and excellent instructions on how to add “spurs.”

Eveleth is indeed a great font option for all characters including numerals, alphabets, symbols, icons and more.




Decour is inspired by Art Decor designs and this Slab Serif Typeface has low contrast between thick and thin strokes.

A large difference in height between upper and lower case alphabets make this font stand out bold and clear. Hence, it is highly suitable for headings and/or subheadings.

However, it’s versatility and flexibility make it good for use in other purposes too such as retailing and publishing.



Number Ornaments

Ranging from the beautifully ornate to the elegantly minimalistic, the ornamentation designs included in Number Ornaments are 160 in total.

There are 16 ornaments for each of the numbers from 0-9 giving you a large repertoire of designs to choose from.



Sport Numbers

Consisting of classic sport number designs, this typeface is a great option for use in sports vehicles and uniforms.

The designs come in different sizes in both vertical and oblique characterizations.




Valerie is a decorative font type designed with the use of ink and a paint brush. It supports many international languages including Danish, Albanian, Finnish, Dutch, and more.

Highly suitable for ornate display options such as posters, magazines, and invitations, this typeface is wonderful to get your “handcrafted” design profiles perfect.



Acta Poster

Acta font types were initially created for use in a Chilean newspaper and hence exudes a clean, minimalistic, and a rather conservative profile typical of newspapers.

The Acta Type collection consisting of Acta Display and Acta comes with six different weights and matching italics and is specifically made for magazines and newspapers.

The Acta Poster is a heavyweight design that is both elegant and eye-catching and comes in three different styles accompanied by multiple alternates and ligatures.



Againts Typeface

Exuding a powerful graffiti culture, alternative music and “street” attitude, Againts Typeface has a rugged edge that is bound to catch and hold attention.

This typeface was inspired by manual hand-drawn brush strokes with ink and tints. With two variations to choose from, Againts Typeface when combined with the right image has the power to get your message out loud and clear.



Seren Script

A retro-inspired font style, Seren Script consists of 430 glyphs. Moreover, using the Open Type feature you will have the power to customize fonts by substituting and/or positioning the glyphs to create font types that match your needs.

Although recommended for posters, banner, and t-shirts, Seren script is great for other designing option too.  Supporting a variety of international languages, this is a great tool to tailor and create your own typography.


Final Notes

The importance of choosing the right font for your design can never be overstated; such is its criticality and its power to make or break your design.

Selecting the right number font is many times relegated down the list of priorities and this has proven to be a costly mistake for a lot of designers.

However small or little the size of “number” content maybe, the need to get across the message clear and loud cannot be ignored.

In many cases, these infrequently occurring “number” content could be the actual message that people use to buy products and/or services. Hence, it is prudent to give it its due credit.

I hope you found my article suggestive and significant. Do leave your valuable comments.

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